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Resolve Mens Conference hosts thousands of guys, ages 12 and up. These men travel from all over the world with their church group, small group and even their business to join up with men here at Resolve. This truly is a conference experience like no other. Where else can a guy come and experience a high-energy entertainment, a massaive amount of food, some of the best speakers in the world, and an opportunity to encounter God in a way that will impact lives forever. Resolve Mens Conference is an event you will not want to miss!


Attend In-person

Attend in person with 1000+ men at Watersprings Church, Idaho Falls, ID

Individual Streaming

Watch the live event right in your
own home.



What is my ticket into the conference?

Your ticket into the conference will be a personalized name badge and lanyard, which must be worn at all times in order to access the conference venue. You will receive your name badge in the mail before the conference and lanyards will be distributed on-site when you arrive.

Are group rates available?

Yes, and we would love to host your group! Groups of 15 or more will receive $10.00 off adult rate tickets. You can also contact Dave, the Resolve Group Coordinator, by phone at (208) 524.4747 or email dave@waterpsrings.net. He will be happy to assist you with your questions. Please note that all information and full payment is required at the time of registration to receive your group discount.

What is the refund policy?

Refund/Transfer/Cancellation Policy
We understand that life circumstances affect schedules, with that being said, the following refund/transfer/cancelation options are offered to all delegates.
Cancelations or refunds may be requested to dave@watersprings.net through February 25, 2022.
• Ticket transfers will be available to delegates until April 1, 2022.
• We are unable to transfer tickets between conference years.
• You are welcome to re-sell your conference registration at your own discretion. Please note the Resolve Mens Conference is not liable for losses incurred due to unauthorized transfers, resales, cancelations, and/or refunds.
You are welcome to donate your registration to make a way for one of our outreach guys to be a part of conference. To do so, feel free to contact the Registration Office at (208) 524.4747 and we can assist you with making that happen.

Online Experience

What does the online experience include?

Access to every session
Exclusive live hosting
Two shareable links/guest passes
Access to conference content for 30 days

How do 1 access the online experience?

Once you have completed your registration, you will be emailed an online pass, which is your ticket to view the conference online. An online pass is a personalized, exclusive link for you to view the conference online from your home!

What if I don't have internet access or need help with the technology involved?

Conference at home is designed to be experienced online and would require internet access and a compatible device. If you do not have access to the internet, we would recommend that you share the conference with a friend who has internet access!

Before the Conference

Can my son come with me?

We highly recommend that you bring your son with you to the conference! Our recommended age for sons sharing the conference experience with their families is 12 years and older. Registration is required for both you and your son. Please note, for safety reasons, minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the conference.

Are there any nearby airports to fly into?

There is one airport in the Idaho Falls, ID area that you can use to fly into. The Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA), which is the closest to the conference. There are also several nearby hotel options to choose from.

At the Conference

Where is the conference venue?

The conference is held at Watersprings Church.

is seating assigned?

We offer open seating throughout the conference. With that in mind, we recommend you arrive early to secure your seat

Are translation and interpretation services available?

Translation services will be available by advance request. Contact the Resolve Registration Office by calling (208) 524.4747 or by emailing gordon@watersprings.net, to set up translation services. Please note: limited languages and seats are available only in main sessions.

What if i need special assistance ?

Our team is available to help any guy who is mobility impaired, hearing impaired or who needs special assistance. Please contact the Gordon by calling (208) 524.4747 or by email at gordon@watersprings.net. Feel free to visit the Information Center when you arrive on-site.