REV Radio is the #1 Christian Radio Station in S/E Idaho and is a major part of the media and broadcast ministry of a local church. We are committed to serving the greater community of believers in Christ throughout our region, whether they are part of our particular denomination or brand of faith in Christ, or not. We are fully committed to broadcasting His Word and His music in an unashamedly evangelical fashion, while not desiring to ostracize those who do not share our view of Scripture or our biblical worldview. To that end, we have been, and will continue to be, committed to serving as salt and light to our community.

In a recent series of meetings with local contributors and participants to our broadcasts, the subject of biblical masculinity – and the misunderstanding of masculinity in general – kept coming up, and appeared to be an area of needed focus. Just what is biblical masculinity? Can we, as a society, ever expect to experience an understanding of true, biblical masculinity?

We concluded that it would be tremendously helpful for our local community and churches, as well as for our entire region, to bring together a group of men – a band of brothers, if you will – who could effectively speak into our region on this topic. These are guys we have specifically gone after whose lives, careers, and ministries have proven to be effective in helping men become the men they were designed to be.

RESOLVE Men’s Conference will not be a day to sit on our seats and be “talked at.” RMC has been designed to allow men of all ages to regain (or perhaps re-discover) the adrenal thrill of being masculine. With laughter, action, and shoulder-to-shoulder conversation, we will be challenged to be the better husbands, better fathers, and better men God intends us to be.